Strong Medicine

Strong Medicine Since 1920

There are other physician groups in our community – but none like Cooper Clinic. Owned by local physicians, we are a healthcare clinic that has served our community for more than 90 years. Over these many decades, Cooper Clinic has developed pillars of strength which ensure Strong Medicine for you and your family.

One Single, Clear Vision

strong_med_ladyCooper Clinic is a physician-owned group. Because we are not run by a hospital, and do not operate one, our doctors can focus solely on practicing medicine and taking care of patients. That single, clear vision has helped keep us strong for nearly a century.

Strong Primary Care

Strong primary care is one of the key reasons patients choose Cooper Clinic. Our group includes primary care physicians who not only provide excellent patient care, but also serve as a gateway to Cooper Clinic specialists should additional services be required. That access to leading specialists is an important reason to choose a Cooper Clinic PCP (primary care physician).

Broad Based Specialty Care

Cooper Clinic includes physicians in nearly all office-based medical specialties. Our strong and broad network of services provides a significant benefit for our patients and represents an important pillar of strength for Cooper Clinic.

strong_med_mriInnovative Technology

Cooper Clinic was the first to offer PET Scanning in our area. Today, we offer this community the only permanently installed PET/CT and the only one available 5 days a week. Cooper Clinic also installed this region’s first and only Bilateral Breast MRI for the early detection of breast cancer. Recently, we installed an upgrade to provide this area’s first and only Lower Radiation CT Scans. Our investment in innovative medical technology provides superior diagnostic tools.

Respected Leaders

Cooper Clinic physicians are this area’s respected leaders in many specialties including orthopedics, gastroenterology, cardiology, and oncology. Diseases treated by these specialties touch most American families and may touch yours, but you can count on Cooper Clinic specialists for advanced care, right here at home.

Regional Referral Center

Every day, patients from throughout this region travel hundreds of miles to Cooper Clinic. Their doctors have referred them to our leading specialists for advanced care in areas such as cardiology, gastroenterology, surgery, orthopedics and the treatment of cancer. Local patients are more fortunate, for Cooper Clinic provides the expertise of a Regional Referral Center without the strain and expense of leaving town.

Bradshaw w xrays2Dependable and Stable

When you’re sick, you’ll want a physician group that’s healthy – that’s Cooper Clinic. Through conservative, responsible management, and selective physician recruiting, we maintain a solid organization, ensuring dependable, quality care for our patients.

ProMed Urgent Care

Through our ProMed walk-in clinics, Cooper Clinic offers urgent care without an appointment seven days a week. At one Van Buren and two Fort Smith locations, our staff of ProMed physicians and nurse practitioners have years of experience in this unique type of medical practice. They have on-line access to all prior Cooper Clinic radiology reports, and can refer to other Cooper Clinic physicians in 25 specialties and subspecialties should additional care be required.