Weight Loss Surgery Program

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You didn’t intend to become seriously overweight, but it happened. Now your health is affected including a greater risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, back and joint pain. Plus, it’s hard to enjoy your family and your life. There are so many things you cannot do when you are 100 pounds or more overweight. Places you can’t go, careers you can’t consider – because your weight gets in the way.

Have you tried and failed repeatedly with diet and exercise? Are you looking for a real solution for what has become a very real problem? If you are ready to make lifestyle changes that may change your life, the Surgical Weight Loss Program at Cooper Clinic has the answer.

Performed by Cooper Clinic’s specially trained surgeon,  Dr. Darryl Eckes, bariatric surgery can provide an effective long-term solution for obesity and a healthier, more active life for you.

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