Joint Replacement Program

Sparks Regional Medical Center has established a Joint Replacement Program as part of their Orthopedic and Spine Center. Their Orthopedic staff has been honored three different times with the highest patient satisfaction scores amongst the entire hospital.

This program has simplified the joint replacement patient process into just three steps. First, you’ll attend a pre-surgery class with other people who are also scheduled for knee or hip replacement surgery. You can ask questions, get answers, and learn a lot – like how to choose a coach to help you with your exercises and post-op recovery and how to prepare your home for your safe return after surgery. Second, the day of surgery, the joint replacement staff will make you feel comfortable and guide you through the entire process. Third, you’ll recover and work with a physical therapist before you head home. Throughout the process, you’ll have easy access to their specialized staff members who will answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Dedicated Area Support Recovery by Suppressing Infection

Patients who have undergone knee and hip replacement are cared for in a dedicated area of Sparks on the 5th Floor of the South wing. No “sick” patient care is provided in this exclusive area. Additionally, visitors (other than a patient’s “coach”) are discouraged in order to minimize a patient’s exposure to persons who may not be well. To help restrict traffic, there is only one public entrance and visitors are required to “buzz” to the nurses’ station to request admittance. Even normal “service” traffic (such as food delivery carts) is not permitted. This type of restricted access has been shown to suppress infection which can be very detrimental for post-op joint replacement patients. This special unit has had a 0% complication rate (infections, blood clots, pulmonary embolism, and hematoma) since opening in September, 2015.

Customized Inpatient Physical Therapy

Knee and hip replacement surgery patients are encouraged to stand and walk using a rolling walker on the same day as surgery.  Beginning the following day, customized physical therapy will take place twice daily for the next 1-2 (possibly 3) days before patient returns home. Exercise and therapy is provided in a group setting, so that the patients can support and encourage each other on their road to recovery.

Physical therapy for all joint replacement patients is conducted just down the hall from the patient rooms, in the same exclusive area mentioned above.  The therapy is customized according to the type of surgery the patient has undergone.  As part of therapy, patients will use a “mini car” to simulate getting in and out of a vehicle without strain or injury to their new joint. Using a special set of stairs, they will also learn tips for ascending and descending a staircase. The therapists will also work with each patient’s “coach” to provide helpful tips for assisting their loved one at home.

Community Seminars

Free community seminars are held on the third Thursday of each month. They are led by the Program Coordinator. Attendees learn the most common causes, as well as the latest treatment options, for knee and hip pain.

Marshall Steele Protocol

This program including in-depth patient education, customized therapy, and intense infection control follows the nationally recognized protocols of Marshall Steele™.  Based on the model developed by Dr. Marshall Steele and his team of orthopedic specialists, traditional orthopedic care is elevated through best practice methods, enhanced care team coordination, and careful tracking for improved patient outcomes.