3D Genius™ Mammography

Cooper Clinic is proud to offer 3D Genius™ Mammography to our patients.

Conventional mammograms provide a two-dimensional image of the three-dimensional breast. A Genius™ exam enables breast tissue to be evaluated in more detail, layer by layer, helping to screen for cancer, determine if additional testing is needed, or dismiss a false-positive with confidence. It is especially useful in examining fibrous, dense breasts. 3D Mammo for webpage

A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray, capable of identifying the site of breast cancer early in its development. A tiny lump, no larger than a pin head, can be spotted several years before it can be felt in a physician examination. This kind of early detection can often save a woman’s life and may eliminate the need for radical surgery.

At Cooper Clinic, mammograms are performed by three registered, female technologists with 100 combined years of experience, and the exams are read by board-certified radiologists. The equipment is housed in a newly remodeled suite in Cooper Clinic’s radiology department at our main facility, 6801 Rogers Avenue, Fort Smith.

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Prior to this technology being at Cooper Clinic, women in the River Valley had to travel to other cities in order to have a more advanced mammogram than what was available in Fort Smith. This was especially common for women with a family or personal history of breast cancer, or those with very dense breasts which can complicate diagnosis. Patients will benefit from the convenience of having this 3D technology available locally, and physicians will receive higher quality results to speed implementation of a treatment plan should that be required.

It’s better detection. It’s peace of mind. And it’s available at Cooper Clinic.

A Genius™ exam is covered by Medicare and a growing number of private insurers. Patients without coverage who desire a 3D exam may pay a nominal fee to supplement their insurance reimbursement.