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Do you need an eye examination? Did you know that by looking at your eye, an eye doctor can get an early picture of some general diseases that may have gone undetected by you or your general doctor (including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes). Do you know if your child’s eyes are developing as they should?

The Center for Better Vision offers comprehensive examinations for patients of all ages. Our doctors and friendly staff take the time to explain your conditioeye glasses for pagen and your options whether you need correction or other medical treatment.

It is recommended that children who are not at risk should have an eye examination at 6 mos, 3 years, and prior to the start of school. Adults age 40 and older should have a dilated eye examination every 2 years and adults age 60 and older should have one every year. Children and adults under age 40 should be examined as indicated depending upon risk factors. Generally this is every 2-3 years. Certainly, if you have never had a comprehensive eye examination, you are overdue!