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Tired of wearing contacts?

Blade free LASIK is a safe, comfortable procedure that, in most cases, can greatly reduce or eliminate your dependence on eye glasses or contact lenses.  Generally, the ideal candidate is greater than 21 years old, has healthy eyes, and a stable prescription.  While blade free LASIK is a distance vision correction procedure, most people over 40 may still find that they need reading glasses because of presbyopia, a common age-related condition. To learn if blade… Read More »

Are glasses needed after LASIK surgery?

Many people wonder if they will need to continue wearing glasses after having Blade Free LASIK Surgery. To provide the best answer, we first need to provide you with a general understanding of the LASIK procedure. Understanding LASIK Surgery Blade free LASIK is an in-office procedure performed under topical anesthesia. The world’s most advanced LASIK vision correction technology – the 100 percent blade-free LASIK using IntraLase Laser Technology – is available to patients looking to… Read More »